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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Pasadena! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Pasadena, CA. While there are many animals that are cute and add a certain beauty to your home, many of these can become a real disruption, maybe even cause damage to your property. Most of us are used to such things as squirrels, birds, and snakes, but if they have gotten into your home they pose a serious risk. This is why you need a professional service that can quickly remove these animals and do so in a humane way. We have become the #1 wildlife animal removal service in the area because we take care of our customers' needs. When they have a problem with wild animals getting into their home, we have a staff that is ready to react quickly, guaranteeing that we will be at your property within 24 hours of your call. Often, we are even able to provide same-day service. Our staff uses state-of-the-art techniques which not only capture or exclude the animal quickly, but also do it in a humane way. No poisons or dangerous traps are used that pose a risk to you and your family as well. We have a staff that is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We get that animals don't take the day off… So, neither do we! We are quick. We are good at what we do, and this is why we are rated so highly in the area. Call us today at a technician will be out to provide a free estimate. There is no obligation involved. Call us now at 213-866-1593 for your Pasadena wildlife control needs.

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Pasadena Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Do California Opossums Play Dead? All the Questions Answered Here!

The Pasadena opossum is an interesting creature that will have an average weight of around 15lbs. The young opossum has a tendency to hang upside down using its tail. They tend to lose this ability as they grow old since their tail can no longer support the weight of their body. Another peculiar habit of the opossum is to play dead when confronted with dangers. It has a passive behavior and will prefer not to confront the situation. This defense mechanism of the creature is an effective method to evade the dangers.

Facts Related With the Habit of the Opossums to Play Dead

Let us discuss some of the most interesting facts about the habit of the California opossum to play dead. Hopefully, we will able to shed some light on this life-long myth that surrounds the creature. You will also probably appreciate them more once you are done reading this article.

Personality of the Pasadena Opossum

The California opossums are known for their docile behavior. If they can avoid confrontation, they will choose to do it. In fact, simple scaring tactics will drive them away from your property. Their movement, especially the mother opossums that are carrying their child will be slow that exposed them to the dangers of opossum. In case they fell threatened, they will initially intimidate the predator by drooling, hissing and showing aggressive behavior. However, they rarely bite their target. If you scare them just a little more, you will notice how they will immediately drop on the ground.

An Involuntary Response

The act of the opossum to play dead is actually an involuntary response. The stress that they are experiencing when they are being confronted with danger will shock them. This will then induce the creature into a comatose state that may last for about 40 minutes and in some instances it can even go as much as 4 hours. While they are in this state, the body of the opossum will be limp. Their mouth will be drooling and their front feet will curve. They will even release a scent that will make you think that the decomposition of their body has started.

The Scent

Their play dead' act will not only appear like they are dead, they will also smell like a dead California creature. Through the creature's anal gland, a green mucus will be emitted that will discourage their predator from eating them while they are in this state. This will make the predator think that the body of the opossum is already decaying. Sadly, opossums in this state are still exposed to the dangers of being overrun by the vehicles.

While this interesting ability of the Pasadena creature can indeed save its life, it may also be related to a plenty of risks. For instance, in case the creature went into a comatose state while they are in the middle of a busy road, the drivers will not avoid them since they think that they are already dead. Some people will even burry a ‘shocked' opossum, thinking that they are dead. Fortunately, the local wildlife center has provided a guideline on how to properly deal with a ‘dead' opossum.