The Most Common Types of Damage Bats Can Do to YOUR Pasadena Attic!

With their capacity to eat a considerable amount of Pasadena mosquitoes and other harmful insects, bats are considered beneficial to our environment. Nonetheless, there are times that they will be attracted to our residential property. Our attics seem to be a perfect roosting place for the bats. The height of the attic keeps them away from their potential predator. Once they made it inside, the bats can unintentionally create significant damages. 

Damages of Bats in Our Attic

In case you suspect that there are California bats dwelling in your attic, you should expect that your house will suffer a certain degree of damages. Among the nuisance creatures, bats have the ability to accumulate fecal matters at an outstanding rate. The bat guano can accumulate rapidly in our attic and can even destroy the exterior part of your house. The amount of damages will depend upon the population of the colony and how long the infestation has been going through. 

The damages that your attic can acquire will rarely be related to the chewing of the bats. Most of the time, it will be about the contamination of their excrement. Compared to mice and other rodents, the bats do not have the habit to chew to create a tiny opening. Once inside our attic, the accumulated dropping can release a malodorous scent that will make it uncomfortable to stay in your house. The dropping of the bats contains pathogens, parasites, virus, and bacteria that can lead to another issue. It is imperative to hire an expert to remove the bats and conduct remediation process.

Damages on Our Pasadena Duct Lines

Once the California bat made it inside the attic, they will look for a place where they can roost. The bats will gather in large numbers and the distribution of their weight on a particular area can be quite heavy. In case they gathered in our duct lines, the circulation of the air will be restricted. The bat guano can also contaminate our duct lines that will have an adverse effect on your entire system. According to the EPA regulation, duct cleaning will no longer work once an animal has entered your duct work. The droppings of the bats can spread fungi and other particles that may result in a major disaster. 

Damages to Our Insulation Materials

Perhaps one of the most common damages caused by California bats would be the damage on our insulation materials. Do not be fooled with the small size of the bats since they can inflict damages to our insulation in numerous ways. The insulation can absorb urine and fecal matters that will result in the contamination. These contaminated materials should be removed and replaced.

Finally, Pasadena bats may also cause damage to our electrical wirings. The bats can use the loose electrical wires as a place to roost. If you have malfunctioning appliances or flickering lights, this is a possible sign of damages in your electrical system. You must avoid all these issues by hiring the service of the specialist once you notice a slight sign of infestation.

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