Raccoon Roundworms and What Risks That Poses For You and California Pets!

The roundworm infection is also referred to as Baylisascaris Procyonis. When the egg of the roundworm was accidentally ingested or inhaled by human or animals, the eggs will hatch into a larva and will travel to the muscles and vital organs. In case you live in an area with a large raccoon population, it is recommended to talk to your animal control technician. You should also inform your family doctor to learn if they can help you in case you were infected with a raccoon roundworm.

An Overview of the Pasadena Raccoon Roundworm

The California raccoon that is infected by the roundworm will excrete millions of roundworm eggs in their droppings. It will then reach its ‘infective phase' in as little as 2 weeks. The egg has a high resistance against extreme environment condition. With a sufficient amount of moisture, it can survive for an extended period. The infection will be transmitted if it is accidentally ingested by animal or human. Humans especially the kids will be infected by this infection when they unintentionally ingested the eggs from their water, soil, and hands.

Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of the California raccoon roundworm infection will depend upon the amount of eggs that a person ingested and the organs where the larva migrated. Keep in mind that the eggs will need to be ingested in order to hatch. They will then travel to the vital organs, spinal cord, and brains. A few eggs may produce little to no symptoms at all. A large amount of eggs can result to an alarming symptom. Some of the most common signs that an infected person may experience include coma, blindness, poor muscle control, problem in coordination, fatigue, nausea, and liver enlargement. In some situation, it can even result to death. It may take at least a week before the symptom manifests.

Who Are At Risk?

Animals and California humans that are exposed to an environment where the raccoon live are expectedly at risk of infection. Children especially those who have a developmental issue are highly at risk. This is due to the fact that they will normally spend their day outdoors. They will put their dirty fingers and things that have touched the contaminated soil in their mouth. Wildlife rehabilitators, taxidermist, hunters, and trappers can also acquire this disease.


Currently, there is no effective treatment against the infection of California raccoon roundworm. In order to prevent the infection, you need to stay away from an infected creature particularly their excrement. Avoid keeping the raccoon as pet. If there are raccoons in your property, you need to discourage them from living in your home. Avoid the materials and surfaces that have been contaminated by raccoon. 

In order to completely eliminate the Pasadena roundworm, the contaminated materials and feces should be burned completely. The remnants can be buried or transported to landfill. You need to wear protective gears and avoid contaminating your clothes and your hands with their feces while dealing with their excrement. Immediate removal of the raccoon will greatly minimize your exposure to the infection.

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