Best Tips To Get 100% of Pasadena Rats Out of Your Attic

There are various reasons why you need to get the rats out of your Pasadena attic. You want to control the damages that your house may incur from the infestation. You also want to stay away from the diseases that they can carry. Controlling their activity can help you avoid dealing with a full-blown infestation. In order to keep your house safe from them, you need to complete some of the fundamental steps that aim to control their population.

A Systematic Guide in Removing the Rats from Your Attic

Follow this step-by-step guide and you can guarantee that your California house will be free from rat. You can create a rat-proof residential area. You can ensure that you will avoid dealing with the laborious and time-consuming solution on infestation in the future.


The removal process will start with the inspection of your Pasadena attic. This will allow you to have a general idea about the severity of the infestation. It will also enable you to identify the best placement of the traps. Start by looking for the presence of active infestation. This may include bite and scratch marks, rub marks, droppings, nesting materials, urine stains, runways, unusual noise, and the visual sightings of the rodent. Identifying the presence of the active infestation in the room will enable you to concentrate your efforts in that room. During the inspection, be sure to create a note for the entry holes that you found in the room.


Remember that California rats have the ability to enter a hole that has a diameter of at least 1/2 inch. They can also enter the gaps and crack on our air vents, screens, windows, and doors. While it may be impossible for you to identify all their entry points, there are things that you can do to limit their access to your attic. Start by sealing all the wood with construction materials. Windows and doors should be tightly fitted on their frames. Install the exclusion device on the last hole that will enable the rats to leave your attic but will thwart them from returning.

Reducing the Population

As we mentioned above, it may be impossible for you to eliminate all their mode of access. This means that some rats will still return in the attic. You will need to reduce their population through trapping methods. Trapping does not include the use of poisons. This eliminates the odor issues since you do not have to deal with the carcass of the rat. Be sure to place the trap near the pathway of the rats or their den.

After you successfully eliminated the rats in your Pasadena attic, the sanitation process will proceed. This is the best method to stay away from the health hazards that come with the rat infestation. When cleaning your attic, you can use a strong cleaning solution or an enzyme-based cleaner. Spray the droppings with water before disturbing them to prevent the spores from being released through the air. 

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