What Makes California Squirrels Terrible Pets to Have

Squirrels may appear cute and cuddly which is why some Pasadena people love to adopt them. However, according to the wildlife rehabilitators, they can instantly attack you once they feel like they are being threatened. Even an infant will have sharp nails that will be enough to penetrate your skin. Once they become mature these nails can be used as a weapon to defend against predators.

Reasons Why You Should Never Keep Squirrels as Pet

Wild creatures such as squirrels are lousy pet due to a variety of reasons. In most areas, keeping them as a California pet is considered illegal. You will need to secure the necessary permit to prove that they are not taken from the wild forcefully. Here are more reasons why you should never keep them as pets.

The Dangers of Owning a Pasadena Squirrel

Their nails are sharp enough to piece the sturdy bark of the tree. This means that it would be easy for them to tear your skin. Your kids can accidentally step on the squirrel that can leave them wounded. For those who own a squirrel as a pet, they will have to wear something thick in order to protect them from the sharp claws of the squirrel. Apart from their nails, they can also use their strong teeth as a weapon. Compared to the domestic animal, they do not have that inhibition reflex. They can easily sink in their teeth on your feeble skin should they wish to do so. 

They Have a Destructive Nature

The California squirrels will destroy our insulation materials when creating their nest. They will take in various materials and debris outside such as twigs, dried leaves, and feathers. They need to control the growth of their teeth by gnawing different materials. They will chew boards that may affect the stability of the house structure. They can chew electrical wires that will expose the live wires that are common fire hazards.

The Diet of the Squirrels

The California squirrels will require natural and balanced diet. Procuring their preferred meals will not only be time-consuming, it is also expensive. You will find it challenging to provide them with the right meals. You will have to purchase insects, cook meals that have high calcium content, and gather foods outdoors. You will have to invest a great deal of cash for the supplements to fill the lack of nutrients. They also love to eat junk foods. They will beg you and if this fails, they will forcefully take the junk food from you.

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should never keep Pasadena squirrels as pet is the fact that they are wild creatures. If you claimed that you love wild creatures, they deserve to be free in their natural habitat. In some instances, there are squirrels that cannot be released by the wildlife rehabilitators. However, for the squirrels that are perfectly healthy, they should never be kept as house pets. Remember that there are also domesticated animals that are looking for a Good Samaritan that will provide them with food, love and shelter.

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